It takes a measurement
to make reality from possibility

InFocus AutoTrack is a state-of-the-art machine monitoring platform that allows shops to track every machine and an unlimited number of data points in real-time, as well as study historical information with its clear and dynamic reporting functionality. The automated job tracking and operations analysis component allows for a level of visibility about your shop’s operations that until now has not been possible, such as job machining durations and accurate job costing, tool usage analysis, maintenance and machining methods, and many more.

Idle Reasons

Identify bottlenecks in production, even across departments.

Track Unattended

How many hours of production do you get per labor hour?

Understand Utilization

Millions of dollars in machinery, do you know how much they are running?

Boost Productivity

Top performing shops are using key features from InFocus to eliminate wasted efforts and improve efficiency, these include:
Realtime Machine Utilization Status

Reported more than 15% increase in resource utilization.

Instant Historic Machine Raporting

Directed sales teams based on information derived from InFocus.

Shop Floor & Job Overview

Restructured their operations, ultimately cutting lead times by up to 26%

With InFocus AutoTrack's interactive, self-managing interface, you will be able to not only understand your shop's efficiency, but also—and more importantly—your idle time.

For example, if your machines run 80% of the time, the focus needs to shift to why they’re not running the other 20%. When your shop gets busy, having InFocus in place will allow you to maximize your efforts and quickly determine how you are performing as a shop.

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