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Why Choose R.E.R. Software?

R.E.R. Software, Inc. is a Michigan-based company dedicated to supplying the manufacturing industry with state-of-the-art technology to increase efficiency and provide oversight on operations.

Cutting Edge Technology

R.E.R. uses the latest cutting edge technology to deliver solutions that are state-of-the-art with automation at the core focus.

Job Tracking

Revolutionary new views allow you to see the exact status of each and every one of your jobs on the shop floor.

Advanced Job Reports

Study your shop's previous jobs driven from a number of different perspectives.

State of the art machine monitoring platform that allows shops to track every machine with an unlimited number of data points in real-time, as well as study historical information with clear and dynamic reporting functionality.
The world's most sophisticated scheduling and planning system. Utilizing an AI planner that is in constant communication with all of your resources enables automated scheduling for ANY shop.
Custom shop notification system that helps users to schedule & process alerts relative to what matters to your organization. Optimize accuracy all while minimizing the amount of manual work ensuring that responders can prioritize what matters.

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PROBLEM: The shop had machining productivity issues and lacked the data to support process, personnel and equipment improvements.

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