Dynamic Notification System


Custom solutions with infinite possibilities.

  • Notification via E-Mail or SMS Text Message
  • Tailored to your individual requirements
  • Supports multiple conditions
  • Backbone of predictive maintenance in our smart factory suite

Some Examples

Predictive maintenance

Predictive Maintenance

With the capabilities to monitor currents drawn by an electric motor, SmartAlert can identify premature failures when an electrical overload is recorded consistently for a specific amount of time. Once all criteria is met, the system will send a notification to the manufacturer, maintenance team and/or customer, informing them of the issue.

Unattended Roughing

With the use of Adaptive Feed Control (AFC), you may wish to be notified when the feed-rate override percentage drops below 90% for X amount of minutes while using a specific tool for any machine.

Unattended roughing

Resource planner

Resource Planner

Communicate with your planning team when a task reaches 100% of its budgeted hours, or notify the next department leader when the final machining task has been completed.

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