InFocus Operations Resource Planning

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Effectively scheduling your shop’s operations is critical to managing and growing your bottom line. Aligning jobs to understand when a project will be ready for each department and assuring correct order of work to meet job due dates, while also ensuring your resources are not sitting idle, is a complicated balancing act. Your business will suffer if you cannot effectively manage the workflow.

R.E.R. Software can help your shop increase efficiency and coordinate operations with the only automated planning solution in the world that will adjust and shift tasks in real‐time.


Shop Capacity

Understand your shop's real free capacity. Can you take on that rush job?

InFocus Scheduling

Job Oversight

Track every part, in every process, in real-time


Centralized Planning

InFocus ORP will transform your shop departments to behave as a unified, coordinated unit

InFocus ORP ‐ the world’s most sophisticated scheduling and planning system


R.E.R.’s expertise in data management and global enterprise solution design and implementation set it apart from the rest of the market. With a proven track record and extremely satisfied world‐class customers, you can rest assured that InFocus is the right solution for your operations scheduling and planning needs.

• Sleek design and intuitive interface

• Automated scheduling for ANY shop

• AI planner that’s in direct and constant communication with all of your resources

• Real‐time tracking of all manufacturing resources from job kickoff to delivery

• The ability to shift and test different manufacturing scenarios without impacting the actual schedule

• Multiple views and reports to help identify and solve your manufacturing pain points, clearing a path to increasing your profit margins and growing your business

• A tool that is designed, developed and executed using the latest technological advancements to solve scheduling issues currently facing the industry

"InFocus Scheduling has been instrumental in the management of resources across our task-based facility. All of our unit managers know exactly what is ready and scheduled for all operations throughout the manufacturing process. This in turn has allowed our team to really emphasize and realize our aggressive, internally-targeted delivery dates."

Omega Tool Corporation

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