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Why Choose R.E.R. Software?

R.E.R. Software, Inc. is a Michigan-based company dedicated to supplying the manufacturing industry with state-of-the-art technology to increase efficiency and provide oversight on operations.

Cutting Edge Technology

Cutting Edge Technology

R.E.R. uses the latest cutting edge technology to deliver solutions that are state-of-the-art with automation at the core focus.

Job Tracking

Job Tracking

Revolutionary new views allow you to see the exact status of each and every one of your jobs on the shop floor.

Advanced Job Reports

Advanced Job Reports

Study your shop's previous jobs driven from a number of different perspectives.

Increase Productivity with Machine Software

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InFocus Products

Ready to improve efficiency and productivity?
InFocus is a complete Operations Resource Planning solution.

InFocus Machining

InFocus Machining

Track every machine and job in your facility in real-time

InFocus Labor Tracking

InFocus Labor Tracking

View all resources and work being completed in real-time

InFocus ORP

InFocus ORP

Level 4 automation planning across all resources in your facility

R.E.R. Software Testimonials

  • InFocus has been instrumental in increasing our throughput and ensuring that our machines are being utilized to their fullest capabilities.

    Delko Prebeg, Chief Operating OfficerOmega Tool Corp.

  • We are a fast-paced, quality driven service leader.  InFocus is very helpful to monitor our machines and notify us in the event that they have unplanned downtime.  Downtime reasons are clearly defined and communicated remotely to the supervisors, so they know how to address the issue.  Having accurate and real-time data allows us to monitor progress and improve our efficiencies.

    Todd Rzeszut, Machining ManagerHi-Tech Mold & Engineering

  • The InFocus solution is dynamic, powerful and has near infinite reporting combinations! The insights we gather enable us to make informed decisions on ways to increase the efficiencies within our operations. Having the ability to tailor the reports to our needs is a major benefit of the software.

    David Branton, Operations ManagerActive Industrial Solutions

  • Knowing what we have now with the information we can get, I can’t imagine not having that information at my fingertips..

    Todd Rzeszut, Machining ManagerHi‐Tech Mold & Engineering

  • Before [InFocus], we were making decisions out of the gut; now, we are making data‐driven decisions where people are held accountable. These changes and the things that we’re doing have really created a data‐driven culture.

    Mina Girges, Manager of Planning and AnalyticsOmega Tool Corp.

  • InFocus has given us consistent proof of what needs to be done and the reassurance that our decisions are working. We proudly display the InFocus monitor screen on the shop floor for all to see. The employees like to watch their progress during the day and are satisfied when they see a full green bar. Surprisingly, the departments like to compete with one another to see who has the best productivity percentage at the end of the day.

    Tom Barr, PresidentTK Mold & Engineering, Inc.

  • We have been using the RER Software for over a year now and we love it and all the information you can get from it. It really helped out our machining department with keeping track of mechanisms and machine monitoring. It has been great for me to use to keep track of machine utilization.

    Norbert Heredi, Machine Department ManagerOmega Tool Corp.

  • InFocus [Machining] makes a mold shop environment think and operate like a production environment because of the kind of information a shop derives from it. The investment in the InFocus software has paid dividends easily within the first year. If you don’t have machine monitoring right now, you’re behind the curve.

    Tom Barr, PresidentTK Mold and Engineering, Inc

  • InFocus Scheduling has been instrumental in the management of resources across our task-based facility. All of our unit managers know exactly what is ready and scheduled for all operations throughout the manufacturing process. This in turn has allowed our team to really emphasize and realize our aggressive, internally-targeted delivery dates.

    Omega Tool Corporation

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